LOOK: Our Favorite Tim & Faith Moments

Three photos that prove their love is REAL!

October 12, 2017
Tim McGraw Faith Hill

There's no kinda love like the kind Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have for each other.  Sure, we can hear songs all about their endless admoration for each other, but we think these pics really do sum up how great they are with each other. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the red carpet
USA Today

Like last year, on the red carpet at the 50th Annual CMA Awards...look at Tim's face while his goregous wife poses for the dozens of photographers.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at ACM Awards
USA Today

We're pretty sure we can spot a fake smile miles away - especially on red carpet events.  Look at the two of them at the ACM Awards - it's as if they really can't get enough of each other!

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill cheering on sports
USA Today

Blake Shelton coined it best when he sang 'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking'...when the rest of the world isn't watching, they still can't get enough of each other...getting way into sports with each other!

We're grateful for the kind of love Tim and Faith have for each other - it makes their music, and their concerts so much sweeter!