LISTEN: Old School Eric Church Interview

When 'Carolina' came out, he hung with us...

August 10, 2016

Eric Church is coming back to Greensboro with his newly-announced world tour in May 2017! 

It's amazing to me to see how Eric's progressed over the 10 years I've been around him.  I remember having dinner with Eric in late 2006 when he first got his record deal.  Here sat this young, shy dude that was foreshadowing a seismic shift in country music -- years before it started happening.  He said then what he's consistently stayed true to since - being honest, real and true to what he wants to produce as an artist. 

Fast forward a few years to The Wolf, we welcomed him to our LIVE in The Wolf's Den series - where he sheepishly arrived at the station, in his own Toyota pickup, and very quietly told our receptionist about how we were awaiting his arrival. 

That's where the following audio picks up...a young Eric Church, and a young Clay JD Walker - talking about being newly married (I was still painfully single at that point), why Carolina means so much to him, trips to Myrtle Beach, and the importance of a solid body of musical work. 

He references an album on-sale date that, oddly enough, got pushed back to April of 2009, and we had a blowout party in his honor at Winston-Salem's Millennium Center...were you there?

Take a listen to this very real and very raw Eric Church interview, and be sure to sign up for our Wolf Gang e-mail club, so you don't miss out on chances to win free Eric Church concert tickets!


Throwback: Eric Church Interview from 2008

Throwback: Eric Church Interview from 2008