LISTEN: Clay called Garth's CMA WIN!

Is he his new good luck charm?

November 8, 2017
Garth Brooks with Clay JD Walker


Congratulations Garth Brooks for his SECOND concecutive CMA Entertainer of Year Award!

And yes, I'll take complete credit for the win, because let's be honest here - he was up against some mighty big competition.  Eric Church?  Luke Bryan?  Keith Urban?  Stapleton???

I credit the power of positivity and speaking things into existance!  Do you remember last year when he doubted he was going to win - so much he voted for Keith Urban?  I told him in 2016 to speak it into existance and BOOM...just like that, he won.

Fast forward 12 months, and here we go again - sitting in the same spot, talking about the same stuff, and listen what happened next...

Garth Brooks says Clay's his good luck charm...

Don't believe last year's prediction?  The proof is right here...