July 28: Headline Challenge (1/2)

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July 28, 2016
Headline Challenge

Headline Challenge


Corie from the Wake up with the Wolf Show and Nathan from Lexington compete in our Headline Challenge competition for a chance to win Wet n Wild tickets.


Wake Up With The Wolf Headline Challenge

  1. Hillary Clinton brought two very important people together last night at the DNC – Cagney and Lacey…were they 80’s FBI agents or Police Officers?
  2. Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine busted out his Donald Trump Impression…what extravagant 80’s TV show featured an episode with a young Donald showing off his impression rich and famous lifestyle?
  3. Taco Bell just created a new Cheetos Burrito…what cheeto-less ‘bell’ sits in Philadelphia, and symbolizes our country’s togetherness?