July 22: Headline Challenge (2/2)

See if you are up-to-date on today's top headlines

July 22, 2016
Headline Challenge

Headline Challenge


Corie from the Wake up with the Wolf Show and Barbara from Burlington compete in our Headline Challenge competition for a chance to win Wet n Wild tickets.

Try out our headline challenge on your own and you can listen below to see if you were correct!

Wake Up With The Wolf Headline Challenge

  1. "Billboard" has two reports sharing four very bizarre "health trends" that musicians are buying into these days, and they include snorting cocoa, putting bee venom on your skin, and having therapists BITE you on the back…what similar adjective do you call someone who attacks your character or reputation?
  2. The first trailer for Fox's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" remake was released yesterday…is the name of the dance everyone does ‘again’ called the Time Machine or the Time Warp?
  3. Playboy sales are steady since they went non-nude…what do most people read them for anyway?