It's not 'baby sitting'...

MEN: Give your lady the weekend off - YOU need this!

September 24, 2017
@clayjdwalker and #BittyFeller atop Pilot Mountain



Dads - give your wife the day off for once...or heck, even the entire weekend!  Sure, she needs it, but...get need it more!

Let me explain, using a quick story from the past weekend at my house.

My son, #BittyFeller, has been at my wife Tiffany's side since day one...that's a whopping 906 days of non-stop diapers, boo boos and all the other sweetness that comes along with being a mom.  And what a great mommy she is - so when she mentioned a girls' weekend a few months ago, I figured what the heck - couldn't be that big of a deal for her to go somewhere without the boy and I, right?

Then, as the months ticked by, closer and closer to her departure date to the beach, I began to panic...

Just me...and the boy...for 72 hours...OMG what are we gonna do?!  What am I gonna do?

Frankly, I was clueless, and my stomach was flipping up until Tiff's car was out of eyesight.  It was then I realized that I was getting a chance to experience life with my son in a way I never am afforded.  Just the two of us, being men, doing stuff together.

Just exisiting - for 72 agenda, no schedule, just the two of us, bonding being father and son.

#BittyFeller at Mayberry Days watching a jug band

#BittyFeller got to see a real-life jug band at Mt. Airy's Mayberry Days...oh, and got to have a Snappy Lunch!

No, I wasn't babysitting the boy - we were being wild and free, pushing the weekend to its limits, as if to see how many events and deep-fried meals and deserts we could cram in before Mommy came home.  Fact is, you need this time as much as your spouse needs it! 

One of my favorite books, Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul, talks about how we as men tend to be bored, and are lacking the authentic masculinity (read, not put-on macho man crap) that the good Lord created us with - so he challenges us to return to that attitude.  That's what made this weekend without Mommy so important.  We wrestled (he won), we got dirty (OK, really really dirty), we spit, peed outside, and played with dogs.  We also wrapped up the weekend giving back, participating in the High Point CROP Walk, hopefully teaching him that, as much as playing in the dirt is important, helping our neighbors is as well!

Now Tiff is back from the beach, and #BittyFeller won't leave her side, so I write, trying to encourage any dad who may read this, freaking out that his baby-mama (man I hate that needs a weekend off.

Do it. 

Enjoy every single minute of it. 

They won't be little forever!

In the meantime, I'm gonna hit up VRBO to see when I can kick Tiff back out of the house of another weekend!!