Is it a ghost, or a crack head?

You'll never believe where this guy heard 'ghosts'

May 23, 2016

A guy owns a recycling business in Carroll, Iowa.  And earlier this week he was sorting some cans when he heard someone whisper, quote, "Get out of here." So he told his wife he'd heard a GHOST.  And she made fun of him . . . until SHE heard it TOO.  She was working at the business a few hours later when she heard a voice screaming for help. Because it turns out the ghost was a 29-year-old guy named who was stuck in the CHIMNEY. And when the fire department managed to get him out, he was totally NAKED.  He said he was playing hide-and-seek and got stuck in there, but that doesn't really explain where his clothes went. And the owner of the recycling business says he recognized the manbecause he'd come by three times in the past few weeks to ask for a job.  So he figured the REAL reason he went down the chimney was to try to steal some cans.

We learned this morning, that Jill believes in ghosts...and crackheads?