Here's what you need in your hurricane kit

Be prepared, not scared

September 11, 2018

Today, I read that the City of Greensboro asked residents to stop buying bottled water. 

But in the event of a natural disaster, that's what we buy...right?

Folks at the City of Greensboro, however, confidently say that our water system is designed to withstand situations like the one we're preparing for with Hurricane Florence.

So what does that mean for the rest of us, who aren't stocked to the gills with 50 cases of Costco water?


According to, you should certainly have any medial needs covered - medications and the like.  Also, critial documents should be in a waterproof container just in case.  Small items like matches, flashlights, and multi-tools are handy to have on hand too. 

However, many of us forget what we may need if the power goes out in the neighborhood.  Think about what goes off without power.

My family, for instance, forgets that it takes electricity for the internet to work...the television, hot water heater, air when everything goes off, how will we know what's going on?

Ask yourself these questions, and take some time today and put together a list of supplies.  Don't freak out, but be a battery-powered radio and a handful of batteries.  Our team here at The Wolf are doing whatever it takes to remain on the air, giving you the latest info, if all heck breaks loose during Hurricane Florence.

Stay safe, friends...