How I'm survivng a Panthers-free Super Bowl

Not a Falcons fan? Tired of the Patriots winning? You're not alone...

February 5, 2017
Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl

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My wife asked me this morning if we were planning to watch the Super Bowl this evening.  Under normal circumstances, I would, just like everyone else, be glued to the biggest sporting event of the year - however, I'm still pretty butt-hurt over the outcome of Carolina's big letdown last year (and, this season too frankly).

Butt Hurt Panthers Fan
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Yep - I'm with that guy...just sitting in my $5000 seat, trying to mentally understand why, after such an awesome season they had to booger everything up...

So - this year, there's no Super Bowl on in my house.  We're watching Grey's Anatomy and licking our wounds that still sharply bleed from this time last year. 

Friends keep insisting I need to do the right thing and root for the Falcons, because we're in the south...but that'd be like saying I have to eat only BBQ and drink sweet tea...pretty ridiculous, right?  After last year's playoff game against Carolina where Atlanta seemed like they were out to really hurt Cam Newton, I'm not gonna root for them.  Then, there's the whole 'how many rings does Tom Brady need anyway' thing...

Tom Brady
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And there's the whole 'what about the commercials' thing...but they've been on YouTube for weeks!  So, settle in, cut on Grey's, and we'll see you at work tomorrow morning - stone cold sober and full of non-game time foods.