Get To Know LANCO

One of the hottest new bands shows us around Nashville in our Bill Black Chevrolet

August 1, 2017
LANCO at the old carpet warehouse

This week on The Wolf, we're playing brand new music from this awesome group of guys - LANCO.  The song is called Greatest Love Story - but the greatest story is how this group got their shot at stardom.  Check out this piece we put together after we hung out with 'em at the 50th Annual CMA Awards...

We love introducing you to brand new artists cranking out incredible country music - and LANCO certainly fits the bill.  When we were in Nashville for the 50th Annual CMA Awards, we jumped in our Bill Black Chevrolet Suburban and took a tour of Music City with the help of Country Music's Imagine Dragons

LANCO at the old carpet warehouse

There's no better story of discovery than LANCO's.  Unlike some of the boy band sounding pop-country fabrications you hear about, LANCO's story of getting discovered is one too good to be true.  Lyricist Brandon Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, jack-of-all trade Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell and guitar wizard Eric Steedly all worked crummy day jobs when they moved to Nashville in order to support the grind of endless nights of rehearsal in (the now empty lot pictured above) an old carpet warehouse overlooking the majestic city.

We had to track our Chevy Suburban from Bill Black Chevrolet up a windy road to get to this incredible summit overlooking Nashville - and I must admit, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't an old warehouse to explore - just another empty lot ready for further expansion in this explosive city.

LANCO's sound is pretty incredible.  If you are a fan of the old school Kenny Chesney coming of age tunes, and the tight sounds of The Killers, these guys are right up your alley. 

LANCO shows us where they were signed
@clayjdwalker | Bill Black Chevrolet

Our tour took us to the spot where the boys were signed to Sony Music Nashville - in the backroom during one of their concerts...which never happens!

LANCO takes us to Broadway to show us the most important landmark in their journey to fame
@clayjdwalker | Bill Black Chevrolet

Certainly, traffic was a mess - and hauling five guys, plus our crew around Nashville during the busiest day of the year didn't help - but the integrated traffic and navigation in our Bill Black Chevrolet helped get us to our next stop - the Bridgestone Arena, where, later that night would hold thousands of music fans for the CMA Awards.  Perplexed as to why the place where they hold the CMA Awards meant to much to Brandon and the guys was the most important spot for their band's history, he explained that he'd been there before...

Nashville's Bridgestone Arena before the 50th CMA Awards