Five perfect Triad V-Day Date Ideas

No need to go far...celebrate in town!

February 13, 2017
Valentine's Day

My wife gives me grief every single year about Valentine's day...but not because she wants something incredible like a trip to the Bahamas, a big rock from Schiffman's, or even a stinkin' dozen Duck Donuts...she, like most level-headed women, expect me to be the same 'ol Clay on February 14th as I am on March 23rd, or on September 6th.  So, with that in mind, here's some of my favorite places right here in our backyard to take your Valentine, without feeling the burn in your wallet, or, feel like Dave Ramsey is furrowing his brow at you (envelope system anyone?!).

5.) Lunch Date at Hops Burger Bar - Battleground Ave. Greensboro

If you enjoy gourmet hamburgers, and don't feel like waiting 45 minutes on Saturday afternoon, consider picking up your significant other for a nice lunch date at Hops.  They've hit the list of best burgers in the entire world for goodness' sake...and the best part? They're right down the road off Battleground, so a quick hop (pun intended) from offices downtown for a quick bite.

4.) A Blast From The Past - Boxcar Bar + Arcade - Downtown Greensboro

Are you and your boo of the videogame generation? Snag some drinks and duke it out on classic arcade games in this new downtown Greensboro hot spot - Boxcar Bar + Arcade.  Their casual environment fits perfectly to those of us who don't like to take life (or our relationships) so you can challenge your date to a friendly (or not so friendly, however you swing) competition playing an eclectic collection of new and vintage arcade games!

3.) Take a Modern Spin on a Carolina Mainstay - Dinner at Bib's Downtown

The overall-clad Pitmasters at Bib's Downtown in Winston-Salem have certainly reinvented the highly debated BBQ game.  You can pull up a seat by the window (or, as nice as it's been, take a table outside) and soak in the essence of the culturally diverse yet homey vibe of Winston, while chowing down on their bestern style Q.  Not a BBQ? It's all good - try the smoked's to die for!

2.) Relive those UNCG days - Pizza and more on Tate Street

When I asked Jill, our Wolf director of Fun & Games, to tell me about her favorite Valentine's Day date, she recalled the time her husband Daniel romantically retraced the steps of her 'glory days.'  As she put it, their evening started with dinner at New York Pizza, then she picked out a necklace at Sisters on Tate, then they reminisced over coffee and dessert at Tate Street Coffee.  Her husband is much more romantic than the average dude - but, at least according to Jill, this VDay excursion takes the cake even over the expensive dinner at one of Greensboro's most upscale joints!

1.) Nothing Says I Heart You like Hot Dogs - Yum Yum Better Ice Cream - Spring Garden Street Greensboro

If you haven't picked up on this yet, there's no need to break the bank at Valentine's Day - just be yourself, and be real - you'll always go further with someone if you just cut to the chase and take her (or is 2017 and all) out for hot dogs...and what better place than at a Greensboro mainstay...Yum Yums!  They've been around since 1906, and their sauce recipe is one of the most-Googled here in the grab your boo, point your car toward the UNCG campus, make certain you have cash (for real, don't even attempt to give 'em your card, they won't take it!), and have a laugh over two dogs and a cone!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day here in the Triad - and remember, it isn't what you do on one day...but what you do every other day after that!