Does Florida Georiga Line #BackTheBlue?

What does "Zero Police Presence" mean?

July 26, 2016
Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line


7-27-16 UPDATE: Florida Georgia Line released a statement stating that "you won't find two guys who are more supportive" of the police than they are.  They called the entire thing a "misunderstanding" that was "blown out of proportion" and "taken out of context."

As for the actual reason, they said it would've been "redundant" to use local authorities because they have their own security.  They said some acts accept a police presence backstage, but most don't. 

They drove home the point by saying, "We have an enormous amout of respect for the brave ment and women who protect our communities and allow us and our fans to have a good time at our shows."

Read the entire statement here


This story has us a little confused - Florida Georiga Line is accused of trying to forbid the police from going backstage at their Country Thunder show on Friday in Wisconsin, as well as their Gret Jones County Fait concert Saturday in Iowa.  Someone claimed to be working at Country Thunder posted a message saying FGL "requested a zero police presence" during the concert.  The person also accused the band of taking an "anti-police stance"

However, that seems like a stretch, right? Fox News talked to a police spokesman who said the band didn't ask for "zero police presence" but did indeed try to keep officers from going backstage - that request was denied due to safety concerns and that sort of thing.  

So once the story got out, Country Thunder tried to calm things down by saying that none of these posts were true at all:

Every side of this story seems murky and unclear, doesn't it?

As for Saturday's show, a sheriff told TMZ he was heading backstage to discuss security but was stopped by a crew member who said the band wanted NO uniformed officers backstage - and if they say any copys, they'd "pull the plug" on the show.

But then, the band asked for a police escort out of town after the show!  The sheriff denied that request, stating 'not one tax dollar' would be spend assisting them.

Florida Georiga Line didn't deny that any of this happened - they did, however, issue an appology on Twitter:

Personally, I don't want to think that FGL doesn't #BackTheBlue - so, we're not going to judge - we have instead asked for a clarification as to what really happened, and possibly a statement from the band themselves.  We know country music's cornerstone is supporting God, Famliy and Country - so to think one of our most popular artists in the genre goes against that grain is disheartening.  Stay tuned to The Wake Up With The Wolf Show as we hopefully uncover more truths about what happened with the band.