Broken Records and other Super Bowl Fun Facts!

If you thought the ending was great, check this out!

February 6, 2017
Super Bowl 2017 Champion

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It's in the history books - New England broke records by pushing the Super Bowl into overtime last night - but that's not the only record.  I hit the interwebs to see how many other records were broken during New England's last-half beatdown...check this out:

Elias Sports Bureau reports that 24 new Super Bowl records were set and another 7 were tied!  The new ones include a lot of career marks for Tom Brady since he's been in more Super Bowls than anyone...and for that matter, won more than anyone in the history of the game, too!

He also set a new single game record for the most passes in a Super Bowl, most completions and most passing yards.  James White also has the new record for the most receptions in a game plus he scored the most points - a whopping 20! 

New England now has the most Super Bowl appearances in history with they now hold the record for largest deficit overcome with their 25-point comeback and they have the most first downs in a Super Bowl with 37. 

Check THIS out: