WOW! The Wolf cranked 499 MORE Songs last week!

NOBODY plays MORE country...for real!

November 19, 2018
93.1 The Wolf plays 499 MORE Songs than 104.1 WTQR last week

We took The Wolf to Nashville to bring the excitement of the 52nd Annual CMA Awards, all while hitting an all-time record high of more music than our friends down the dial.

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While Carrie Underwood was spilling the gender beans on national TV, I sat in my Nashville hotel room doing the math.  How many more songs did we give our listeners last week compared to the other station in town?

Well, here's how the math works out:

The Wolf played a total of 2561 songs between November 8th and November 14th.
The Q played 2062 songs between November 8th and November 14th.

That means The Wolf played 499 more songs last week than the other guys.  If the average song is a little over three minutes, that means 93.1 The Wolf gave 29 more hours of music in the last seven days. 

29 hours...a day and five hours more music.

Fact is, all of us here at The Wolf are doing whatever it takes to cut the commercial clutter and useless DJ chatter.  Yes, we'll still play commercials, but we've put in strict controls to cut back the maximum number per hour we'll we promise to get in and out of those commercial breaks faster...just one of the many ways we're working our tail off to give you MORE

We're thawing out our Thanksgiving turkey today in preparation for a Wolf staff feast...where we'll see what we can do to crack 500 more songs this week...can we do it?  Crank up The Wolf and see!

Love y'all - thanks for being a part of #WolfNation

Clay JD Walker
Program Director & Chief Wolf Tamer - 93.1 The Wolf