The Wolf played 472 more songs last week...

NOBODY Plays MORE Country than 93.1 The Wolf!

January 8, 2019
93.1 The Wolf played 472 more songs this week than the other guys

Here we are...smack dab in the middle of the first full work week of 2019...

Anyone else ready to burn through their vacation days yet?

Personally, I'm pumped to start the new year.  My wife and I are expecting our second child, #BittyLady any day while our team at home grows, so does our team on the air here at 93.1 The Wolf!  With the addition of Kato, the new afternoon guy, I can move back to The Wolf@Work Show daily from 10a-3p.  Frankly, I missed hanging with the workday give me a holler anytime at 336-680-9653!

I'd love for you to check out Kato the new guy, too!  I think you're really going to love him.  Radio's taken him all over the country, from stops in Pheonix, St. Louis, Dallas and Nashville, he's no stranger to sitting in a room listening to loud country music.  Since he's new around here, I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you'd fill him in on all the good there is around here...starting with Cookout, Wranglers and Richard Petty!

Oh...and on top of everything else, yet again, The Wolf smoked the other country station in town. 

Check this out...we played 427 MORE songs last week than the other guys.

Here's to a healthy, happy glad you're in Wolf Nation.

Program Director - 93.1 The Wolf