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93.1 The Wolf played 472 more songs this week than the other guys

93.1 The Wolf played 472 more songs that Q104.1 last week

Here we are...smack dab in the middle of the first full work week of 2019 ... Anyone else ready to burn through their vacation days yet? Personally, I'm pumped to start the new year. My wife and I are expecting our second child, #BittyLady any day now while our team at home grows, so does our... Read More
93.1 The Wolf plays 499 MORE Songs than 104.1 WTQR last week

93.1 The Wolf played 499 MORE songs than 104.1 WTQR last week!

We took The Wolf to Nashville to bring the excitement of the 52nd Annual CMA Awards, all while hitting an all-time record high of more music than our friends down the dial. While Carrie Underwood was spilling the gender beans on national TV, I sat in my Nashville hotel room doing the math. How many... Read More
The Wolf played 398 more songs than Q104.1 last week

93.1 The Wolf played 398 MORE songs than WTQR last week

WOW! What an incredible week in Wolf Nation. We started last week meeting some really incredible listeners (new and long-time!) at the Lexington BBQ Festival. We ate too much, howled too loud, and got amped up for our Preset Paw Patrols in Thomasville, Clemmons and Greensboro. Add all of that up... Read More