Five Things You Need To Know: Cinnamon-Flavored Coke?!

For Tuesday August, 13th, 2019

August 13, 2019

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Everyday I work HARD to bring you the five biggest things going on in the world (I use the term HARD, loosely), with "Five Things You Need To Know"!

Today is no exception.


For Tuesday, August 13th, 2019:

1. Teachers rejoice!  The Teacher Supply Warehouse in Greensboro is open for teachers!  It's packed with bargains and free items!

2. Coca-Cola is bringing CINNAMON-FLAVORED Coke ot he US!  Would you try it?

3. A British woman is requesting people to pay for her butt lift.  She is seeking $7,000 and at one point faked depression to get a free nose job. 

4. Would you buy Nike shoes if they offered a subscription service?  It's called the Nike Adventure Club and you could get shoes for $20-$50 a month.

5. In the 1930s, playing card companies wanted to add a fifth suit of cards called "Eagle". 


Take a listen below!