National Nurse Appreciation Week

And We Need Your Help!

May 3, 2018



Okay Wolf family...we need YOUR help!   May 7th - May 11th is "National Nurse Appreciation Week" and we want to salute YOU!  (Or a friend, family member, co-worker...ANYONE who is a nurse!)

Every morning on the Wake Up With The Wolf Show were going to salute y'all!  Listen Monday, May 7th - 11th, from 5am-10am for your nomination!  


Here's how you can enter:

E-mail Chase at with your name, age and what you do.  Wanna be a little more anoynomus?  First name and age is all we need!  


REMEMBER, if you're nominating someone, make sure they know you're doing it!  Once the weekend rolls around, Chase will email you back with a rough time of when your salute will air.  That simple!


You're calling the shots! Get it.....shots....nurses......yeah....