Five Things You Need To Know: What's Open For Dinner on Thanksgiving?

November 25, 2019
Store opening

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Five Things You Need To Know for Monday, November 25th, 2019.

  1. "Frozen 2" brought in $127 million this weekend which is the third-best opening for an animated film. 
  2. A Dippin Dots factory exploded in Paducah, KY Friday.  Four people were injured and a local paper there reported that the plant had a nitrogen leak but investigators are still looking into to see if that was the cause. 
  3. Jeremy Tuck from Atlanta won the internet when he posted a picture of him holding a sign outside of Target that read: "NOT HOMELESS … WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS … PLEASE HELP!”
  4. Looking for a place to eat on Thanksgiving Day in the triad?  Here are a few places open: Cracker Barrel, Ruth Chis, Flemmings, Harpers and Lucky 32. (These are just a few).
  5. The best theory on where pink lemonade comes from is that a circus vendor in the late 1800s accidentally dropped a red cinnamon candy into a batch of lemonade, which turned it pink . . . and it was a big hit.