Five Things You Need To Know: For 10-22-20

October 22, 2020
Halloween Candy

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Five Things You Need To Know For Thursday, October 22nd, 2020:

1. The new electric Hummer sold out in 10 minutes once they were up for pre-order.  OH, fun fact, they're starting at 113,000.

2. Halloween candy lover alert!!!!  Bonus Finder is offering a "Halloween Candy Tester" to test multiple candies and get paid $500!

3. It's National Scar Appreciation Day!  Do you have a scar you're proud of?

4. JUST A REMINDER: 10 days until Daylight Savings Time

5.(Fun Fact): The first candy produced by a machine was Necco Wafers.  A guy named Oliver Chase made them with a lozenge cutting machine in 1847.