Five Things You Need To Know: UPDATE FOR 6-25-20

June 25, 2020



Five Things You Need To Know for Thursday, June 25th, 2020:


1.  Costco is suspending its sales of sheet cake due to the lower demand for weddings and events.

2. Dairy Queen is now selling a Drumstick Blizzard for a limited time!  It has soft serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate, peanuts, Nestle drumstick pieces and syrup.

3. Whisps recently posted a job looking for a "Cheese Executive Officer" that allows people to "work" with them by eating cheese that's shipped to their homes.  

4.UPDATE:  Governor Roy Cooper is requiring everyone in NC to wear a face mask when heading out of the house. This goes into effect Tomorrow at 5 p.m.

5. (Fun Fact):  You're more likely to be stung by a bee if you're eating a banana.  The chemical compound that gives bananas their taste also works as a pheromone that makes bees angry.