Five Things You Need To Know For 9-1-20

September 1, 2020
Full Moon

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Five Things You Need To Know For Tuesday, September 1st, 2020:

1.  Nike is launching a new maternity line starting September 17th.

2. Walmart is launching its Amazon competitor, Walmart + , September 15th.

 3. Get ready to look up in the night sky September 2nd for the Corn Moon!  It gets its name from the Native Americans because it would tell them to harvest the corn before it gets too cold.  

4. It's National Gyro Day!

5. (Fun Fact, Kinda): It's possible to overdose on Brussels sprouts.  They have high levels of vitamin K, which can promote blood clotting.  So if you take blood thinners and mow down several dozen Brussels sprouts, it could send you to the hospital.