Five Things You Need To Know For 8-31-20

August 31, 2020
Snow on Mountain

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Five Things You Need To Know For Monday, August 31st, 2020:


1.  A Geomagnetic Storm is going on right now in the Northern Hemisphere! It's considered MINOR according to NASA with only a slim possibility of satellites and electronics messing up.

2. It has begun.... Colorado's highest peaks in Aspen and Snowmass got their first snowfall this weekend.

3. 47% of educators have considered making a career change in the last month because of the coronavirus.  Have you thought about a career change? 

4. Cheesecakes by Alex is expanding, Triad! They have now opened up a new location in Winston in the Downtown Arts District. 

5. (Fun Fact): The way herring communicate underwater is through, basically, passing gas.  They shoot air out of their rectums, which creates a high-frequency sound that other herring can hear.