Five Things You Need To Know: Well That's a Rare Find!

September 11, 2019

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Everyday I work HARD to bring you the five biggest things going on in the world (I use the term HARD, loosely), with "Five Things You Need To Know"!

Today is no exception.


For Wednesday, September 11th, 2019:


1. Today is the 18th anniversary since 9/11.  #NeverForget

2. Apple yesterday introduced their new iPhones called "iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro".  They feature better cameras and a longer battery life.

3. Down to Folly Beach, South Carolina we go, a couple was walking on the beach after hurricane Dorian and stumbled across cannonballs from the Civil War!  US Air Force explosive experts examined them just to make sure they were harmless.

4. WE DID IT!  The new name for the Dixie Classic Fair will NOT be Twin City Classic Fair! They are still trying to figure out a name for it and are currently taking public input. 

5. Can food was invented in 1810 but the can opener wasn't invented until 1858.