Five Things You Need To Know: Something New On The Moon.

September 9, 2019

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Everyday I work HARD to bring you the five biggest things going on in the world (I use the term HARD, loosely), with "Five Things You Need To Know"!

Today is no exception.


For Monday, September 9th, 2019:


1. "IT Chapter Two"  made $91 Million this past weekend.

2. A 13 year-old boy solved a 27 year-old cold case when he took a GoPro on a dive and recorded a submerged car in a lake.  Police used the license plate to track it to someone who has been missing.  Police believe no foul play was involved.

3. Chinese scientists have discovered a new substance on the moon!  It's a gelatinous, liquified glass they believe was caused by a meteor striking the moon.  

4.  On this date in 1956, Elvis made his first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

5.(Fun Fact) The word for the knot in a lasso is called at "honda".