Five Things You Need To Know: The Good Ole Switch-A-Roo

March 11, 2020

Getty Images


Five Things You Need To Know for Wednesday, MArch 11th, 2020.

  1. McDonalds is introducing two new burgers today: The Double Big Mac and the Little Mac.
  2. A man in New York recently did the good ole switch-a-roo at a local Zales when he was looking at rings.  He asked to see a $11,000 ring and when he did, he switch the real ring with a fake one.  Police are hope that someone will recognize him.
  3. Side note, my contact is messing up today.
  4. It's World Plumbing Day!  Shoutout to all the plumbers!
  5. (Fun Fact): Sony owns 100% of the music publishing rights for the "Hokey Pokey".