Amy Reed

Amy's "Big Announcement" This Week Involves This Pup!

Say hi to Suri!

April 20, 2019

On Friday morning, I revealed that I had some big news to share: I adopted 2 year old Suri (who was named Sasha at the animal shelter) from Guilford County Animal Shelter! 

I've been wanting a dog for a few years and have been looking for a dog for a few weeks. I knew immediately that I wanted Suri . We had went to do our "pet of the week" segment, and the first week when we walked through, she was quiet and curled up on her bed while all the other dogs were at the front of their kennels. Her face stuck with me, though I didn't look at her until we went back the next week to get pics/video of a new "pet of the week." Again, same thing, she was curled up and quiet and just looked up at me when we walked through. I kept thinking about her the rest of the day and I emailed our contact, Lisa, to ask if I could come by the next day to get some play time with her. She has a really good energy about her (you know I'm into my hippie "there's a vibe" stuff lol) and I legit just like her face and her eyes. She has a look to she knows more than she lets on. I signed the adoption paperwork that day (Wednesday), but had a couple things lined up...and nothing for a dog at my I intended on picking her up on Friday. I used that afternoon to get dog supplies (I should have made a better list and started at Wal-Mart because whewww some places are expensive for no reason) and then was able to wrap my Thursday events up early. The thought of her spending another night thinking that no one wanted her broke my heart, there was no way I could have waited til Friday. Plus, I think I was too excited, so I picked her up Thursday afternoon.

We're two days in as I write this and she's a great dog. She had already been house broken, knows "sit," and is a quiet--I've only heard a light bark when she's dreaming. And she's a snuggle bug! We're going to work on clicker training to learn more commands and hand signals, and expand her walking and running distance so that we can hit the trails. Suri (which means "goddess" in Hindu) has absolutely melted my heart and I'm happy to have her home.