Zac Brown Band Really Want to Work With Adele: ‘Let’s Hang Out’

Plus, their favorite Halftime Show of all time

February 3, 2020

Zac Brown Band are no stranger to a great collaboration, working with everyone from Dave Grohl to Shawn Mendes, but there will always be the one that got away.

Backstage before the GRAMMY-winning group played RADIO.COM LIVE Presents The Night Before with Zac Brown Band this weekend, the band revealed their dream collaboration.

“Adele,” Zac Brown says without hesitation. “I got to meet Adele and talk to her, literally like one month before I became one of her biggest fans – right before ‘21’ came out. Then that came out and just crushed everything.”

The group and Adele have crossed paths before, but now might be the perfect time for the two to come together. “She’d come up and talk to us first, and I didn’t really know that much about her,” he adds. “But now I’d love to have that second chance.”

“Please can we hang out?” guitarist Coy Bowles pleads. “Come on Adele!”

While we wait for the “Someone Like You” singer to respond, the band couldn’t stop gushing about another amazing women that they recently got the chance to work with. Brandi Carlile lends her voice to a song on Zac Brown Band’s new album, singing alongside them on “Finish What We Started.”

“She’s just such an incredible singer,” explains Zac. “I’m so happy that she’s getting the attention she really deserves now.”

The band took the stage on Saturday night to play a special RADIO.COM LIVE event in South Florida, gearing up everyone for the big game on The Night Before. You can stream the performance from Zac Brown Band here.

The set on the biggest weekend in sports had us all thinking about the Halftime Show, and there’s one that stuck out as the greatest of all time for nearly every member of the band. “Prince,” they announced, one by one as we went down the line. Until we got to bassist Matt Mangano.

“I’d have to say Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake,” he says with a smile, as the other members all laugh at his revealing choice. “But as a show, Prince.”

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