Wendy's Is Giving Away Free Food to Celebrate Its 50th Birthday

November 16, 2019

It’s Wendy’s birthday so they’re giving everyone a present: free food!

To celebrate the fast-food chain turning 50, they are offering customers the opportunity to score free burgers, fries and other menu items, reported Thrillist.

In order to grab the free grub, you have to download the Wendy’s app and use the scanner feature on the “Sip and Scan” icon on any Wendy’s cup or takeout bag. The mobile app will then notify which menu item you are able to claim.

"Oh, just rolling out free food for our 50th birthday nbd,” the brand’s official Twitter account captioned a short video detailing the quick three step process of downloading, scanning and claiming the deal.

While you don’t know what you will get, so far it seems the freebie options include french fries, a single cheeseburger or a Frosty dessert.

And because who wants to celebrate their birthday for just one day, Wendy’s extending the free promotion until January 3, 2020. Happy New Year, indeed!

Those willing to drop a little coin can toast the chain’s milestone anniversary by buying their new Birthday Cake Frosty. It’s a regular vanilla Frosty combined with birthday cake flavor and is available at participating restaurants for $1.49.

For 70 cents more, customers can upgrade to a Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae, which is the Birthday Cake Frosty mixed with pieces of sugar cookies and topped off with sprinkles.

The two new items are only available for a limited-time so make your way to Wendy’s ASAP!

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