See Lauren Alaina's new Nashville digs

'I'm very proud of it,' she says in a new video tour

September 24, 2020

Back in February, country singer Lauren Alaina got a brand new home in Nashville and has spent her time in quarantine getting it all put together just the way she likes it.

"I'm very proud of it," the "Getting Good" singer says in an exclusive video tour with People.

The home is 2200 square feet and the living room features a rug that was made from her family's late cow. Lauren says that her "stepdad loved her, and when she passed away, he made a rug out of her, and then when he passed away, I inherited her, because I loved this rug.

"I was always obsessed with it, and he told my mom he wanted me to have it," she says. Obviously, it's one of her favorite things in the whole house. Perhaps second only to a record player that used to be her grandmother's which she gushes about the fact that it still works.

In the clip, Lauren also takes us to her studio where the music is made. Her walls are decorated in acoustic panels and awards, including the plaque that she received when her song with Kane Brown, "What If's," went number one. Understandably there is also a special place for her ACM, CMT and other various industry awards.

The Georgia native also admits that she converted a bedroom into a dressing room, with all of the walls covered with sparkly outfits and shoes.

See the full tour here.

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