Security cameras catch man making a pizza while robbing restaurant

The man also stole money, electronics, and their delivery car

November 16, 2020

When most people get a craving for pizza, they usually order delivery, or heat up a frozen pizza at home.

However, one man recently decided to take a different route, breaking into a restaurant and making the pizza himself.

Security cameras captured a robber breaking into a California restaurant recently, and while he did steal a number of items, he also took the time to make himself pizza while in the restaurant, Fox News reported.

Police in Fullerton, California recently shared footage of a robber making pizza after breaking into Big Slice Pizza. The man also stole money, electronics and their delivery car as he left, but the most shocking part of his break in was his cooking.

You’ve heard of the Hamburglar? Well, meet the Pizza Burglar!" the police department wrote on their viral post.

The man spent a total of two hours in the restaurant, but eventually left and was later arrested.

“Seventeen years of business, first time it happened,” Big Slice manager Rafael Calles said.

While the man broke several laws in the process, he definitely seemed to have some serious pizza making skills.

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