Touring pause gives Sam Hunt a chance to spend quality time where he belongs: At home and outdoors

Country music aside, Sam says 'I think I'd try to be a fishing guide somewhere'

October 16, 2020

RADIO.COM was thrilled to welcome Sam Hunt as our Superstar Power Hour co-host with Katie & Company all week on stations nationwide.

Now approaching our eighth month of stay-at-home recommendations and venue closures, we wondered what Sam thinks he would find himself doing as a job if he weren't the CMT Award-nominated singer that he is today.

"Well, I grew up loving the outdoors. I love being outside. I grew up hunting and fishing, especially now as I'm older, fishing," Sam tells Katie. "I was an economics major in college, but I don't necessarily have any passion for that subject matter. Honestly, I've taken some fishing trips out west here recently... I think I'd try to be a fishing guide somewhere," he says with a smile.

As a prominent Country artist, however, Sam has had to deal with a different kind of fun when meeting fans backstage. Aside from signing random objects like any other artist, Hunt admits being asked to write his lyrics on a fan's body has to be one of the hardest requests for him to oblige.

His reluctance, he says, was because of the permanence getting inked entails, which is the reason why he's kept himself untainted by the artist's needle.

"I don't have tattoos. I don't have anything against them for people who have the guts to put ink on themselves," he says, and humbly admits, "I've never felt necessarily like my lyrics were worthy of being tattooed on someone else's body."

"So I did that, reluctantly," says Sam. "They were passionate enough about it. They were adamant about getting it done, so I went with it."

For Sam, the pause has brought some much needed time at home.

"I think being able to spend time at home without the, I don't want to say 'guilt,' but there's always been this sort of thing where any time I'm sitting around at home, like I could be doing something productive," he admits. "I could be working on new music, I could be getting something done. So it makes it harder to enjoy downtime when that's the case. But when you've got no choice, it's a little easier to enjoy not doing much of anything."

"So I've been able to enjoy a lot of time around the house in a way that I wouldn't have in the past."

Currently, Sam is waiting out the quarantine while putting down some brand new tracks while his wife Hannah has him catching up on that whole Harry Potter craze you may have heard about.

Hot off his performance at Red Rocks, his latest single, "Breaking Up Was Easy in the '90s" is out now and he's looking towards early spring 2020 to release a full album. Be sure to catch Sam at this year's CMT Awards on October 21 where he's up for Video of the YearMale Video of the Year, and CMT Performance of the Year.

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