Ryan Hurd Talks Impending Fatherhood and 'Great British Bake Off'

Maren loves pregnancy and horror movies -- Him, not so much.

November 6, 2019

What does a day in his home state look like for Ryan Hurd?

Turns out, it looks like lunch at Slow’s BBQ, a visit to the Shinola store, and visiting 100-year-old dive bars at 2:30 p.m.

“It’s always good to be home,” Hurd said at MusicTown Detroit, chatting before he took the stage at RADIO.com's Stars and Strings.

Being home reminds him that he’s just a guy who writes songs, he added.

Except he’s not, not really.

He’s a country music star married to another country music star, Maren Morris. And the two just announced they’re expecting a baby boy.

And she revealed her baby bump for the first time recently on Instagram.  

“We were so excited … we’re just really happy. The timing is just perfect,” he said. “I’m just really excited about doing it with her.”

Who was better at keeping the pregnancy a secret? Turns out he was.

“All of her friends knew and none of mine did,” he said. “I had to call all my friends, like 10 in a row, ‘Hey, we’re having a baby.’”

So, how has his wife’s pregnancy gone so far? Pretty well, he says, with a few hormonal moments where he was left trying to figure out, “what is happening.”

“You try to remember that this person doesn’t get to do as much fun stuff as they want to, but I think she’s really enjoying it and, I don’t know, it makes me enjoy it.”

Though she may be tougher than he is. Hurd revealed he’s been mired in nightmares since his wife made him watch a Swedish horror movie. He prefers "The Great British Bake Off." They’re all so competitive, the pies, the flaky crusts, no one is mean to each other. There’s lots of hugging and no anger. At the end you win a plate.

It’s competitive without being mean, and Hurd could go on about it all day. 

“You’re looking at me like I’m a nut,” he said.

Overall, touring with his wife and chilling out with low-key TV, he said he wouldn’t trade his life for anyone else’s … unless he could be Derek Jeter for a little while. If he could trade lives with anyone, Jeter is his pick.

After the announcement, Hurd posted on Instagram about his love for his wife. "I am very grateful for many things, including the people in my life and the fact that I still don’t have a real job. but mostly it’s the girl and the baby boy on the way that have me smiling today, and I don’t think there’s a better birthday present in the universe," he wrote.