Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and Randy Houser Weigh In on Mask 'Double Standard'

Houser's side-by-side photo has stirred up debate on social media

July 14, 2020

Although current circumstances prohibit it, surely many musicians are itching to get back out on the stage performing in front of a packed crowd.

Randy Houser aired his frustrations on social media featuring a side-by-side photo of a packed airplane with an empty theater. “Anybody see a problem?” he asked.

Almost immediately, fellow country musicians replied to Houser’s post with Miranda Lambert writing “I effing do!”

Jason Aldean also joined in on the conversation. “No s*** dude! No concerts or people going to their everyday jobs but let’s pack em in airplanes like sardines breathing recirculated air. Makes complete sense to me,” he wrote alongside an eye roll emoji.

Houser responded saying it’s “double standard mixed signal bulls***.”

Clint Black took to Twitter to address the comments writing “maybe we should see if we can sing to people packed into planes? As musicians, we know what it feels like to be non-essential to society. Do you feel it’s wrong to allow people to pack into poorly ventilated planes, but not well ventilated theaters?”

“Asking for 1,0000,000, friends” he added, which isn’t a number, but we get it.

Despite Houser’s protest, the CDC has indicated that viruses and germs don’t spread as easily on flights because of the way air is filtered. “There may be a risk for getting COVID-19 on crowded flights if there are other travelers on board with COVID-19,” the CDC said.

While keeping social distance is an effective method for mitigating risk, the CDC recommends bringing a cloth face covering as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) during your travels to help stay protected.

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