Listen to Garth Brooks' New Unity Anthem 'We Belong to Each Other'

'We are sister and brother, born to love one another' Brooks sings

June 16, 2020

Garth Brooks calls for unity with the debut of his new anthem, “We Belong To Each Other.”

The Country superstar debuted the new song on Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts’ Facebook page as she wrote, “my beloved momma always said, ‘everybody’s got something’.... Whatever your something is that you’re facing I hope this brings you as much comfort as it has for me.”

With lyrics like “yeah we fuss and fight but through it all, we belong to each other. We are sister and brother, born to love one another, we belong to each other,” the song aims to serve as a reminder that we’re all connected.

“Music is the greatest healer and also the greatest equalizer. A lot of people have asked how I feel about what is going on in the world right now... and music is where I turn to answer that question — We Belong to Each Other, We are Sister and Brother... ALL OF US. We must not divide, but unite,” Brooks wrote in a Facebook post of his own.

The song comes after Brooks revealed the list of theaters he’s bringing his drive-in concert to.

Unlike other drive-in concerts that have been held to this point, Garth Brooks is taking a different approach. Instead of making fans come to a single destination to watch him perform, his performance will be broadcast in drive-in theaters all across North America.

“We had been approached a hundred times to go somewhere in a big field, to go somewhere where people come up in cars. The logistics of it just never worked out,” Brooks said at the time. When he was approached with the idea of creating a concert specifically for drive-in theaters, he fell in love with it.

Garth Brooks drive-in concert experience will take place on June 27.

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