Jason Aldean's Wife Shares Photo of Their Dream Home Construction

See how their Tennessee mansion is coming along!

July 10, 2019

Jason Aldean and wife Brittany are well into the making of their forever home. The Aldean family started work on their custom Tennessee mansion about a year ago, and they’re starting to really see their vision come to life.

The huge home is being built from the ground up to meet their tastes. In Instagram posts shared to her story, Brittany gave fans a look into progress that includes stunning vaulted ceilings, a massive pool fit for a resort, and the first shapings of the outside of their house.

The mansion looks to balance modern and traditional with a lavish yet never ostentatious style. "Just out here checking out the new house in my mom jeans and slippers," Brittany wrote in the casual photo of her standing in a giant entryway.

When plans for the house were first being made, Jason admitted he and Brittany went a bit overboard. The house for the couple and their four children will include a bowling alley, a bar, a huge pool, and much more.

Notes were taken from their old house, which also had a bowling alley and was sold in 2018. We would expect nothing less from the Entertainer of the Decade!

"Looking at the land it’s hard not to envision a place where our babies will run, laugh and play with each other for so many years to come... I can hardly wait to hear those little feet running down the halls," Brittany previously shared after they purchased the land.