How Mosquitoes Almost Derailed Luke Bryan's 'Farm Tour'

The singer’s 6-city trek starts Thursday

September 26, 2019

Luke Bryan is kicking off the 11th edition of his Farm Tour on Thursday, setting up stages and inviting out fans to farms from Wisconsin to Oklahoma. But before the speakers start and the “Knockin’ Boots” singer comes to town, serious precautions are being taken.

According to the reports in Michigan, the Kalamazoo Health and Community Services Department have sprayed down the area around Stafford Farms in Richland, to avoid the “deadly” mosquito-borne virus known as Eastern equine encephalitis, or "Triple E." State data shows that 3 people have died from the virus in Michigan.

Luckily. the farm was treated on Tuesday, with officials assuring fans that the chemicals used would not be harmful to any humans or pets in attendance.
For people attending the concert, health officials also encourage individuals to spray themselves with insect repellent right before they enter the concert area and not while they are in the crowd.

“You’re never going to get down to zero risk where there’s no mosquitoes ever,” Environmental Health Chief Vern Johnson tells “Folks need to make decisions when they take themselves and loved ones out for an event like this and take the right precautions to minimize the risk as much as they can."

The Farm Tour kicks off in Marshall, Wisconsin Thursday night and continues till next weekend’s stop on Norman, Oklahoma. “I can't believe I can say that I've done anything for 11 years that’s been minimally successful,” Bryan told Billboard earlier this week. “We've been having an amazing time with the Farm Tour, being in the country and playing beautiful farms, watching people come in as the sun goes down. I’m reconnecting with my background being the son of a peanut farmer. To have that ag background was one of the main reasons why we started Farm Tour. I remember beginning a kid from a rural area and never having big concerts come to my area, so it’s pretty fun to be able to bring our concert into these areas.”

You can find the full list of upcoming Farm Tour dates for Luke Bryan below.

9/26 - Marshall, WI at Statz Bros. Farm
9/27 - Richland, MI at Stafford Farms
9/28 - Pleasantville, OH at Miller Family Farms
10/3 - Louisburg, KS at MC Farms
10/4 - Douglass, KS at Flying B Ranch
10/5 - Norman, OK at Adkins Farm

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