EXCLUSIVE: Shopping for 'Schnacks' With Noah Schnacky

We hit the gas station with the Country music star

January 27, 2020

It seems like all we did was eat with our new friend Noah Schnacky, but the young Country star who turned 23 on January 27, has the metabolism and the energy to “schnack” with the best of them.

We’ve already shown you our trip to Nashville’s legendary Hattie B’s for hot chicken, and the “meat and three” adventure with all the mac and cheese. But the “I’ll Be The One” singer is always one for another round, so we stopped by Mapco Mart on our way out of Nashville to stock up on supplies.

“We’re gonna give you a rundown of everything I eat on the road,” Schacky tells RADIO.COM. “Remember I gained 15 pounds on my radio tour, so I’m not afraid to say that it wasn’t all muscle,” he laughs. “I think a lot of the snacks you guys might enjoy too, I’ve tried them all at this point. And my last name is Schnacky, so I think I’m qualified.”

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Schnacky is an expert as his name suggests, and he’s broken it down for us into two levels as we enter the gas station. “If you’re coming into a gas station you need to understand how you’re going to approach it. Are you trying to feel healthy? The reason I say feel is because there’s no snacks at the gas station that actually are healthy.”

“But if you’re trying to feel healthy, it’s different than if you’re going for it.” We went for it, with Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids, and Twizzlers. “I’m a sucker for the Twizzler Nibs.”

See what else ended up in his arms in the full exclusive video above, and enjoy “schnack time” with Noah Schnacky.

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