EXCLUSIVE: Noah Schnacky Introduces Us to a "Meat and Three"

The latest from our ‘Snacks with Schnacky’ adventure in Nashville

January 23, 2020

Let’s be honest, we owed one to Noah Schnacky.

During our trip to Nashville, the Country star took us inside the studio to give us an exclusive preview of the music he’s been working on, and how did we repay him? By subjecting him to the hottest chicken Nashville had to offer. Schnacky battled the blaze of Hattie B’s iconic heat for us, and was still nice enough to hang out afterwards.

We wanted to thank our new friend for all the hospitality, so we took him for a more relaxing meal at Cafe Monell's in the music city. That’s where he introduced us to a Southern style favorite, the iconic “meat and three.”

“It’s when you get your meat and three sides,” he says with excitement. “Personally I like the mac and cheese.”

Schnacky once again opted for the chicken, this time with a lot less kick. He also got a healthy helping of mac and cheese as requested.

“I want to give a big old shout out to my label and my management team, for somehow figuring out how to get me three free lunches in one day,” he smiles, toasting us with a handful of cornbread. “And to somehow make it a productive reason to eat three lunches.”

He’s right. Call our manager. We want a plate full of hushpuppies or we’re not working for the rest of the week.

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After he was well fed, Schnacky took us to Big Machine Distillery & Tavern for a closing cup of coffee. The question is, since he’s on the Big Machine label and we’re standing in the Big Machine Distillery, can Schnacky work his magic to score yet another freebie?

“Let’s play a game,” his eyes light up. “What are the odds that we get the coffee for free?”

Schnacky sheepishly approaches the counter to talk with the barista. “You don’t have to know this, but I’m a Big Machine recording artist, and we’re making a bet whether or not we can get the coffee for free.” Noah orders a large, because of course. “If you’re gonna ball, ball out.”

“I got you” she smiles as she hands him his cup, ending the day with zero dollars spent all the food and drink he could handle.

Keep an eye out for much more from Noah Schnacky coming soon.

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