Dolly Parton claims immortality: 'I'll Look as Young as My Plastic Surgeons Will Allow Me'

The Country star opens up about career and age in a new interview with Oprah

November 13, 2020

Photo credit John Lamparski, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


Dolly Parton made light of her age and numerous plastic surgeries claiming she will “look as young as my plastic surgeons will allow me,” during a sit down interview with Oprah.

The soon to be 75-year-old Country legend spoke at length about her legacy in a new episode of Apple TV+’s The Oprah Conversation. "I don't think about my life in terms of numbers,” Dolly proclaimed. “First of all, I ain't never gonna be old because I ain't got time to be old. I can't stop long enough to grow old.”

Parton joked that her appearance wouldn’t change even at age 95, thanks to her plastic surgeons. “I'll have on the makeup. I'll look as young as my plastic surgeons will allow me and [with] all the makeup and lighting and all that,” she said.

She stopped short of claiming immortality to stress the importance of finding inner beauty as you age. “But I think more than anything, it's about what comes from inside you."

Oprah also asked the singer how she balanced ambition with fulfilling life moments. “I’ve made sacrifices,” Dolly told her. “I believe I know what I’m supposed to do. Since I had no kids and my husband was pretty independent, I had freedom. So, I think a big part of my whole success is the fact that I was free.” Dolly’s interview with Oprah is now available on Apple TV+.

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The freedom she touts allowed Dolly to play a literal angel in the latest Netflix holiday movie Christmas on the Square, due to stream November 22. The trailer has fans excited to see the country music legend impart music and wisdom from above. She also shared a song called “Christmas on the Square,” off her latest Christmas album A Holly Dolly Christmas. Dolly’s first Christmas album in 30 years released in early October.

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