Carly Pearce Is Finding 'Beauty in the Imperfections' After Divorce Announcement

Carly's music is so powerful

August 4, 2020

Just a few weeks after Carly Pearce and Michael Ray announced their split, Pearce took to Instagram to share the emotional journey she’s been on through the divorce and how she’s processing how to discover “beauty in the imperfections,” both in her life and in her music.

The post comes with a raw video of Carly singing her newest unreleased song “Show Me Around” while in the studio. Pearce explains that she rarely shows off unfiltered moments such as these and reveals, “it occurred to me that I’ve never shown a real-life 'in the moment' vocal take before. Probably because I was afraid that without all of the 'shiny help' that the studio brings, that maybe it wouldn’t be 'perfect.'"

"This season of life has shown me that we will never be perfect… We have to find beauty in the imperfections and in the things that life throws at us. I am owning my version of 'imperfection' & in return, feel like I’m learning to love myself and my story on such a deeper level,” continues the “I Hope You’re Happy Now” singer.

In her last public performance with Michael, Carly debuted “Show Me Around” during a June performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

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