Adorable Video Shows Officer Pull Kids Over in Traffic Stop

November 25, 2019

You have the right to remain adorable.

A police officer in South Florida pulled over two tykes behind the wheel after he caught them “speeding.”

Officer Clayton Harris turned on his lights and apprehended the boy and girl, both his kids, in a toy truck.

“What are y’all doing?” he asked as he walked up to them.

His son replied, “Not speeding, sir! We’re doing nothing wrong!”

When Harris asked if they had a license, the boy replied, “We don’t need a license, we tell them we know how to drive.”

Then the children made a quick getaway as Harris could be heard yelling, “They’re running!”

The Boynton Beach Police Department shared the video on their Facebook page. The video has received more than 115 likes and more than 25 shares.

The department captioned the video, "We know how to drive. Bye-Bye!" -- Thanks to Officer Clayton Harris for sharing this adorable video of a traffic stop he made on his kids."

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