3 Items to Have on Hand to Protect Against COVID-19

June 19, 2020

    As coronavirus-led lockdowns have begun to relax across parts of the country, many are left wondering how they can continue to protect themselves against the virus if they begin to re-enter "normal" life.

    If you do decide to go out, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued recommendations on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. There are three things you should have with you at all times:

    Cloth face covering

    The CDC has recommended that all should wear some sort of cloth face covering for months now. While you should be wearing these face coverings at all times, it is especially important when you are in public "where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain."

    Hand sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer is useful to carry with you when you'll be touching surfaces that may not have been sanitized in between uses. Effective hand sanitizers will have at least 60% alcohol.

    As always, you should work to wash your hands regularly. Hand sanitizer should not be used as a substitute for regular use of soap and water.


    Tissues, while useful for their obvious purpose, are also useful in providing a barrier between your hands and surfaces that other people may have touched previously.

    Tissues can also be used to cover a cough or a sneeze, keeping you from having to worry if you've just contaminated your own hands or extremities by covering your coughs with your palms or elbows.

    Still, experts recommend throwing away tissues immediately and washing your hands after you've sneezed or coughed.

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