Eric Church Says You Can 'Stick That in Your Country Song' With Daring New Single

The Chief is back

June 25, 2020

Thursday morning, fans finally get to hear "Stick That in Your Country Song," the single Eric Church says is about "real people, real lives, real places... from the front line to the food line."

The Chief adds "it also happens to kick like a f****** mule," while definitely speaking to the times in which we live.

"I’ve never had a song in my career that was a harbinger of things to come," Eric explains. "And when we recorded 'Stick That in Your Country Song,' we had a booming economy and a pretty great world going on."

"And I remember thinking when I did it," he adds, "'I’m not sure how relevant it is for right now. I love the song. I love the sentiment, but I’m just not sure.'"

Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, bringing the message of "Stick That in Your Country Song" into focus.

"Within about thirty days," Eric recalls, "the world changed, and it changed for a while, and this song just became more and more real and more and more relevant."

"And truth be told –- 100% honesty," he reveals, "I had a different single picked out as the first single. And then the world kept changing and it kept bringing itself almost like a magnet back to this song and back to this moment."

"So, this song found itself," Eric adds. "It wasn’t me finding it, it found itself."

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